The Most Rev. Dr. Jacob Chimeledya Archbishop & Primate of Tanzania and Diocese of MpwapwaThe Most Rev. Dr. Jacob Chimeledya: Archbishop & Primate of Tanzania and Diocese of Mpwapwa The Rt. Rev. Oscar Mnung'a Diocese of NewalaThe Rt. Rev. Oscar Mnung'a: Diocese of Newala

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Maimbo Mndolwa
Diocese of Tanga

The Rt. Rev. Michael HafidhThe Rt. Rev. Michael Hafidh Diocese of Zanzibar

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Mwita Akiri
Diocese of Tarime

Diocese of Lweru

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Given Gaula
Diocese of Kondoa

The Rt. Rev. Raphael Haule
Diocese of Ruvuma

The Rt. Rev. Godfrey Sehaba
Diocese of Morogoro

The Rt. Rev. Dr. George Okoth
Diocese of Mara

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The Rt. Rev. Dr. Dickson Chilongani
Diocese of Central Tanganyika
The Rt. Rev. Matthew Mhagama
Diocese of South West Tanganyika
The Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mgomi
Diocese of Ruaha

Diocese of Dar es Salaam

The Rt. Rev. Elias Chakupewa
Diocese of Tabora
The Rt. Rev. Julius Lugendo
Diocese of Southern Highlands

The Rt. Rev. John Adiema
Diocese of Rorya

The Rt. Rev. Stanley Hotay
Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro

The Rt. Rev. Dr. James Almasi
Diocese of Masasi
Rt Revd. Darlington Bendankeha KAGERA

Rt Revd. Darlington Bendankeha

Diocese of Kagera