Department of Health

A sustainable health care system delivered with the compassion of Christ, characterized by quality, affordability and respect for creation resulting in happy, healthy and peaceful communities.

To further the healing ministry of Christ through promotion, collaboration and provision of quality, holistic curative, preventative and rehabilitative health care for all, especially to those most in need.

Through the programmes of its Health Department, which have been run in collaboration with a number of Partners both locally and internationally, the Anglican Church of Tanzania has been able to provide quality, holistic, curative, preventive and rehabilitative health care and social services to the Tanzanian community, especially to those in most need.

Some of the most recent programmes under the Health Department include: Living with Hope funded by EED -Germany, Youth Training on HIV/AIDS Program funded by The Anglican Church of Canada and KIVUKO Programme (Training of Youth on HIV/AIDS using Stepping stones methodology) funded by the Rapid Funding Envelope.