Tanzanian Anglican Youth organization (TAYO)

To render good physical and spiritual service to the youth of the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

Our Mission Statement is :
To provide good Christian service which will meet the needs of the Youth in Tanzania as they take their place in the Global community.

ACT Youth Week 29th May to 6th June, 2016

Our objectives are :

  • Provision of Christian education to the youth within the family and at school.
  • Let Training and enabling of youth leaders.
  • Sharing the gospel with our fellow youth, and with the community at large
  • Protecting and preserving Christian ethics
  • Education for all to help the new generation to overcome the problems of their environment.
  • Health promotion through education
  • Economic emancipation through income generating activities

Although the Province has been involved in youth activities for many years, the establishment of the Youth Desk is very recent. Its main objective is to bring unity within the Province in resource sharing and mobilization of youth activities. We aim to eliminate all kinds of poverty which imply many other bad side effects such as

  • Robbery
  • Drugs
  • Street children
  • Ill health etc.

We have an HIV Youth Program
The program is aiming to:

  • Train peer educators who will be responsible for young people in their dioceses
  • Establish youth friendly Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centres.
  • Train counsellors for VCT centres
  • Establish youth resource information centres.

The overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of our Youth to respond to the threat of HIV/AIDS. We are using Stepping Stones methodology. Stepping Stones is an educational tool which uses a participatory approach aiming to bring about behaviour change among the youth.

The Challenges which we face

  • We do not have adequate funds for moving around the 19 Anglican dioceses
  • Administration costs

We invite other partners to join hands with us in this task of serving the youth of Tanzania and, more widely, of Africa spiritually, educationally, economically and politically.


Rev. Fr. Paul Mahiza.
Provincial Youth Coordinator