Diocese of Mpwapwa (1991): The Rt Revd Jacob Erasto Chimeledya
The diocese was established on 23 June 1991. It covers the Mpwapwa and Kongwa Districts. Centrally located on the Tanzanian mainland.....» Readmore

Diocese of Cental Tanganyika (1927): The Rt Revd Dr. Dickson Chilongani
The Diocese of Central Tanganyika was carved from the Diocese of Mombasa, Kenya in 1926 and inaugurated as a Diocese in 1927.....» Readmore

Diocese of Dar es Salaam (1963):
This diocese was established in 1963. It occupies an area of 18,000 sq km. It covers the Dar es Salaam and Coast regions.....» Readmore

Diocese of Tarime (2010): The Rt Revd R Mwita Akiri
.....» Readmore

Diocese of Kagera (1985): Rt Revd. Darlington Bendankeha
The Diocese of Kagera,established on 11 August 1985, was carved out of the Diocese of Victoria Nyanza .....» Readmore

Diocese of Ruaha (1990): The Rt Revd Joseph Mgomi
The Diocese of Ruaha was established on 1st July 1990. It covers the Districts of Iringa Town and Kilolo in the Iringa ....» Readmore

Diocese of Ruvuma (1977): The Rt Revd Maternus Kapinga
The Diocese of Ruvuma, to the West of the Diocese of Masasi, lies in the extreme south of Tanzania .....» Readmore

Diocese of Kondoa (2001): The Rt Revd Given Gaula
The diocese, established in 2001, serves a population of 427,000 of which approximately 20% are Christian .....» Readmore

Diocese of South West Tanganyika (1952): Bishop John Simalenga
The Diocese of South West Tanganyika was established in 1952. Itoccupies an area of 140 sq km .....» Readmore

Diocese of Mara (1985): The Rt Revd George Okoth
The Diocese of Mara was created in 1985 on the division of the Diocese of Victoria Nyanza. It covers.....» Readmore

Diocese of Southern Highlands (1999): The Rt Revd John Mwela
The diocese of the Southern Highlands was established on 25 November 1999. It occupies an area of 2,000 .....» Readmore

Diocese of Morogoro (1965): The Rt Revd Godfrey Sehaba
The Diocese of Morogoro was part of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika until November 1965 .....» Readmore

Diocese of Tabora (1989): The Rt Revd Elias Chakupewa
The Anglican Diocese of Tabora, inaugurated in July 1989, was formed out of the Diocese of Western Tanganyika .....» Readmore

Diocese of Masasi (1926): The Rt Revd James Almasi
The Diocese of Masasi was established in 1926. It occupies an area of 68,000 sq km and covers the Southern.....» Readmore

Diocese of Tanga (2000): The Most Revd Maimbo Mndolwa
The Diocese of Tanga was established on 26 November 2000. It occupies an area of 25,310 sq km. .....» Readmore

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro (1982): The Rt Revd Stanley Elilekia Hotay
The Anglican Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro, established in 1982, encompasses more than 95,000 .....» Readmore

Diocese of Western Tanganyika (1966): The Rt Revd Sadock Makaya
The Diocese of Western Tanganyika was established in 1966. It is geographically the largest Diocese .....» Readmore

Diocese of Riftvalley (1991): The Rt Revd John Daudi Lupaa
The Diocese of the Rift Valley was established in 30 June 1991and covers the Administrative area of the Singida.....» Readmore

Diocese of Zanzibar (1892): Bishop Michael Hafidh
The diocese of Zanzibar was established in January 2001.....» Readmore

Diocese of Shinyanga (2005): The Revd Canon Capt. Johnson Chinyong'ole
The diocese of Shinyanga was established in November 2005. .....» Readmore

Diocese of Kiteto (2009): The Rt Revd Isaiah Chambala
.....» Readmore

Diocese of Lweru (2006): The Rt Revd Godfrey Mbelwa
.....» Readmore

Diocese of Victoria Nyanza (1963):
.....» Readmore

Diocese of Newala (2010): The Rt Revd Oscar Mnung'a
.....» Readmore

Diocese of Ziwa Rukwa (2010): The Rt Revd Mathayo Kasagara
.....» Readmore

Diocese of Rorya (2010):  The Rt Revd John Adiema
.....» Readmore